With experience in all facets of criminal law, Ghalichi Law Office provides services for all instances that are in accordance with crimes stated in the criminal law and other regulations. Advocacy is provided for suspects and defendants at every stage of the investigation and prosecution phases, as well as attorney services for plaintiffs and other parties involved, and the preparation of defenses seen before the court of first instance and court of appeals and all other procedures relating to Criminal Law cases.
On the other hand, the execution and follow-up of all cases arising from legal disputes before judicial and administrative judicial units. Moreover, our team carries out all kinds of proceedings and arbitration through national and international platforms.

As a rule, deterrence and preventive measures are taken in order to prevent the occurrence of disagreement, and when an agreement cannot be reached through these measures, we take the necessary actions in the best interest of our client. We provide legal support to clients on any matter that is not reflected or reflected to the judicial authorities, including notices, warnings, and preparation of all other instruments.