Following the development of trade and commerce relations, disputes arising from these trade and commerce transactions have also spread. One of the issues that is always considered by the parties to a business relationship is how the disputes over that legal relationship should be resolved. Obviously, if these disputes are not addressed in a proper and prompt way, there will be many harmful consequences, such as: wasting time, stopping working capital and causing damage to the parties.

In this regard, what we emphasize is, the application of preventive measures to prevent disputes in trade relations.

This is because many businesses are in a difficult position due to contractual conditions and legal loopholes in their business transactions. Therefore, in business and trade relations, the benefiting from the services of “preventive and protective advocacy” is very important as prevents from facing fundamental and destructive issues.
Ghalichi Law Office is by the side of its clients by providing various services in the field of business and provides them with the possibility of advancing business affairs with safe steps.